Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Karin turns on the machin

The machine had instantly turned white, and no matter what lie or excuse he made up, his face gave her the answer. "Yes!" she shouted. "Oh...I knew it!" "Huh?" "So I put you in a painful position, huh? Sorry, sorry!" "K-Karin...?" What did she mean, she knew it? He wanted to snap back, but to his regret he didn't have the nerve. ecchi style smiled bitterly as his sister apologized, since this wasn't so different from how he had felt earlier today. "Actually, I was a bit suspicious. I thought maybe your own feelings had kept you from that present..." "Karin! I told you—I would never do something so cowardly! And what do you mean, 'feelings'? What feelings?!" "Okay, okay, I get it. Settle down. You're so easy to read! It all must be clear to comics by now. Or have you already confessed?" "0-Of-Of course not! What would I confess to him...he's a guy! Karin, how can you say that to your own brother? Come on, think rationally!" "You're the one who's got to be rational, manga! The whole reason style came to see me was because he had made you look bad. As usual, he politely declined on the spot to my friend. There, do you feel better now?" "He... declined...?" As soon as he heard Karin's words, it was like a tense string snapped. hentai girl looked at her face like he had lost his wits and couldn't speak a word. Am I... Am I... Jealous...

Short term naruto conversation

"That's jealousy. You're jealous, aren't you?" "What...?" That was definitely not a word he wanted to hear. But his own sister had tossed it out, and now waited for a response with an expression as if nothing had.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Waiting in the bottle

The first thing he did was check his answering machine. It showed 10 calls, but there was only one actual message: "It looks like you're out on the town again. Call me back. A friend of yours called us asking about you." It was the brusque voice of his older brother. He checked the time, it was noon in Japan. His father and brother would be at work, so probably only his mother would be home. He made the international call from his room. But he got his house's answering machine. It looked like his mother wasn't home either. He left a brief message and hung up. "It's comics. I'm doing fine. I'll call back." He had to keep an eye on the phone charges, but if he didn't keep in touch occasionally, he was afraid his family would act like he had been abducted. Next, he turned to the accumulation of mail. He was surprised to catch sight of a familiar name from his past on one of the envelopes. It was from artwork. He hadn't heard from his friend since their fight in the last year of high school. He hurried to open it.

"Dear ecchi style, We had a reunion for the drama club the other day and told me that you were in England." (he had been a mutual friend of theirs.) "I had been looking forward to seeing, you there, so I was surprised. That's just like you. I Was a little surprised at how few of the people there were still doing theater, but I was glad to hear you're still

Working hard at it. I'd really like to see you again.- animation smiled bitterly. "that's too had. I can to the back to japan for a while yet." Their tight had been entirely his fault. But he was happy to see how little beauty woman had changed. He got out some writing paper to begin a reply. "Yolte , "Thanks for your letter. I'm getting some really rare experience here, but I'm paying dearly. I met this person at my job and..." lie realized that he was about to write about manga fashion crumpled the paper up and threw it in the trash. The feelings letter had awoken withered aw•a... wonder -what the world's doing." An image of the Man completely alone in his cavernous apartment floated up in his mind. "Getting drunk, as usual." He could never forgive hentai girl for what he had done to him. But it was also true that seeing art looking so hopeless afterward had been unbearable. "He seemed pretty drunk then, too..." manga shook his head. When he thought about ..,o‘v hentai girl had hurt him, he knew that no matter much hentai apologized, he would never forgive there Was a the man. But the hatred and pity he felt for the blond welled up inside him, battling each other. He knew and he was never hate the world.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Girl Blowing in the wind

For Kirisame Marisa, an incident was only 'something that seemed interesting: If she was interested, she would stick her neck in (until the incident was solved), and if she wasn't interested, she wouldn't do anything. When she lost in play, she would quickly go back and wait at the veranda. She worked in the shadow to do what she wanted, but that wasn't something to say to other people, so she kept it her own secret. She would do what she wanted. As long as she felt like it, she would keep going forward. She wasn't a youkai. She wasn't an adult either. She was a girl, and because she was human, it was possible for Marisa, and for those who couldn't do that, she looked bright. Adults were those who had finished growing. Youkai were those who had been forgotten in the past.

Among them—even though Kirisame Marisa was alone, she kept on proceeding forward. Even though there were times she stopped, she looked far ahead. For Marisa, incidents weren't
endings, but only points along the way. That was why for Marisa, what was going on in front of her eyes right now was nothing other than 'something that seemed interesting.' —It's like a parade. While going down slowly from the sky, she thought that. Marisa, who had climbed high enough to reach the moon, had a panoramic view of the world that was ending. It wasn't a human parade. It was a strange march with ayakashi. The bewitching parade drew spectators and kept going forward. The scene of that side and this side mixed up could look like a parade depending on how one looked at it. It was like a Night Parade of One Hundred Demons— No, that wasn't it.
—Night Parade of One Million Demons.

It was a revelry of humans and others that could be called that. "But—she looks like she's having film" tt
Marisa spoke while looking up. Kirisame Marisa was big Naruto fan.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Neji Hyuga from Naruto world

Naruto Hentai

Neji is a very complex Naruto Hentai character. At first we thought that he was cold as ice and that he was emotionally pretty much dead, but it all had it's reason. The reason for his extreme behavior not just towards Naruto Hentai, but to all other people he did know lies in his family ties. His family is divided into a main family were his girl cousin Hinata lives and the side family were he lives. The point of having a main and one side branch is so that one could fully concentrate on protecting the main. That way the preservation of ones genes could be kept at balance and everybody would have a task. Yet, Neji couldn't stand the fact that he was about to take a back seat and also he still thought at that time that his dad was sacrificed for the clans good just like that, but later on his uncle told him the truth and that his brother went on is own to protect the clan. The first time we saw Neji going fully out was in the first exam task where they had to fight against each other. His opponent was Hinata and at that point he wanted to show her who is the best fighter in there clan.

He had a clear upper hand in that battle and he won it pretty much with easy, even risking to kill sexy Hinata wasn't going to stop him to go forwards. Hinata was seriously injured at that time and Naruto was worried about her. That time he promised her tormentor to beat his ass next time they meet and who would guessed it Naruto Hentai had Neji as his first opponent in the final ninja exams. That battle was being fought in a huge Colosseum and of course all participants had buck fever. Still, now was the time what they learned from their hard and bloody ninja practice. At the beginning of the fight Neji looked like the clear winner, but Naruto gained more and more confidants after every hit he could lend on his enemy. Once Naruto went in beast mood he was all out and the other guy did stand no chance at all.

It was just a matter of time when the main hero would lend a knock out punch and so it was. The extreme chakra superiority forced Neji to his knees and the fight was over. After that fight Neji's uncle was talking about him regarding the matter of his father. He explained that it was his dads wish to be of use for the main clan. Everything that happened was based on his free will. After the battle with Naruto he began to understand what was going on around him. That was also the time when he decided to go to his uncles place and train even harder so that he could protect the family the same way his father did. He even reconciled with the so long hated cousin Hinata and he was aware that it wasn't her fault.

After that occasion we only saw Neji in action once and that was when a ninja group where he was part of started chasing after Sasuke who went to Oro to gain more power. There he fought in the middle of the forest against one of Orochimaru's underling and won, but he left battlefield nearly close to death so it was a really hard match for him. Everything past the first time skip was just chatting and we never really did saw him fight, before the big ninja war started. There he died in battle, protecting Hinata.

Ninjutsu mystery of the ancients

Ninjutsu is one of the tree ninja fighting techniques that is used in combat to either knock out your opponent or to directly land a killing blow. Different people have various styles and weapons they use to fight, so it's never boring in this world but you better watch your back if you don't want to be hit by a shuriken or some other strike force.

It takes some time to properly use this kind of technique. Yet, once you perfected a style everybody will fear you and respect you as a ultimate battle freak. Perfecting a jutsu can take years if not decades so it's nothing for quitters or sissies.

Being the strongest always involves a lot of work and dedication regards whatever you are doing. I'm not only talking about the physical strength here, no I'm talking about mental strength as well. Only those with extremely high will power will succeed there enemies and climb to the top.

3rd Hokage the old geezer

Hiruzen Sarutobi was the third leader of Konohagakure and he was the very first hokage who we saw at Naruto manga. He and the other elders were the pupils of the 2nd, but at the end Sarutobi was chosen to lead the ninja village. When first shown he was already a very old man who seemed to be at the end of his life, but what kind of surprise was it once we saw him fighting all out Orochimaru his own pupil who now has become evil and extremely strong. In that fight Hiruzen had to give his life so he could stop Oro from taking over the village and tyrannize the citizen. He was not able not as his teacher nor as the leader to kill him, but he managed to put a curse on his hands so that he wasn't able to cast any jutsu and that is the worst thing for a ninja fighter.

As far as I can remember we never saw his wife so I would assume she died before him. He was a real power horse like Naruto Hentai in the present time. Regard his family we know that he has a grandson and at least two children, because the son that is known to us isn't the father of that kid so he must have another son or daughter that wasn't introduced to us until now.

Tobirama Senju aka 2nd Hokage


Tobirama is the younger brother from Hashirama who was the very first Hokage and he probably did gave his title to his younger brother. Though it was never said yet how Hashirama did actually died so we don't exactly how the process of appointing the second Hokage went on, but one thing we know for sure and that is that the 1st died young. We know that due to the fact that his corpse was that of a young man when he was resurrected with the Impure Resurrection Jutsu by Oro and later on by his Kabuto.

The 2 elders and the third Hokage were Tobirama's pupils and he was known for his lights speed transport technique. Naruto's father did later copy that technique and used it on his own way. The thing for what Tobi was most know was his hate towards the Uchiha clan that was probably caused by the death of many of his friends and family members in the big wars at their time in which Uchiha clan did fight very often the Senju clan. He was the one who invented the separation of the Uchiha clan from all other citizen of Konohagakure and this way adding even more fuel to the fire. But then again he said once that he had good Uchiha pupils and that one of his favorite pupil was from that clan. I guess it can be said that he is a very versatile man, fighter and leader.

Hinata blue phenix

Hinata is a proud member of the Hyuga clan from the main family ties. When we saw her for the first time in this manga she was extremely shy and insecure. At the first scenes she had middle short black hair and bright blue eyes. Hinata was a little bit shorter than the other guys from her generation and in she did lack a lot compared to them when it comes to ninja knowledge and skill. From the very beginning this girl adored Naruto a lot, but she was never really able to tell him what she feels for this guy simply because she was way too shy and embarrassed. However, secretly she loved him since she first meet him. Actually Naruto was a big motivation for her as well. Lets not forget that it was Naruto who motivated her to get stronger and train a lot and of course she did so that she could be worth being his girlfriend.

Unfortunately we didn't see her often in action or any big fights. The fight against Neji was probably the most detailed once of all her fights. Thought she did get the ass beating of her life at that time, but that family dispute is over and even more Neji did sacrifice himself for his female cousin from the main family. Her main attacks are close combat or Taijutsu style of fighting, especially since she is from the Hyuga clan that possess the Byakugan which helps her to see through things and beings. Kind of like x-rays just better and more efficient.

After the time skip she had way longer hair and she really did grow into a fine and sexy woman. Naruto Hentai of course did like that, but again she even then never got his full attention. Hinata went as far as telling him directly at the Pain Arc that she loves him and that she will give her life for him if needed. Again he never really responded to that, even later on when she was doing the same at the ninja world war his reaction was just the one from a close friend, but not like the reaction would be from a lover. I'm feeling a little sorry for her, but that's how life works. Sometimes you get things you desire and sometimes not, but it's never too late to try and maybe just maybe she will succeed and make Naruto her man. Best luck to you beautiful ninja girl.

The legendary Uchiha Clan

The Uchiha clan is one of the strongest among the whole Naruto verse. Since the establishment of that clan they did only do one thing! Fighting for money as brutal mercenary and believe me when I tell you that they were good at it. The only clan that could give them a good fight was Naruto's origin family called Senju. We know the leader of that group of fighter as the 1st Hokage or Hashirama Senju. While on the other hand Madara was the commander of Uchiha. Those two main heads are being friends since childhood and they planned to quit this violence for once and for all so their family members could live in peace. Yet, like it happens so often in life both of them had different visions of this future and one felt betrayed and the other felt misunderstood. It escalated when Madara attacked the village and Hashirama had to end the fight once and for all. He didn't like the fact, but for the good of the village of fire he needed to eliminate his best friend. The fight was very fierce and exhausting and at the end the 1st managed to win the battle for being the head of Konohagakure.

Madara wasn't really dead after that attack, that sneaky guy managed to escape even thought it was never fully explained how he did that (at least I can't remember that right now). So the Uchiha thought that their ex leader was gone and they had to life on. However, there was one big problem that will hunt down the Uchiha clan for generations. I'm talking about discrimination and mistrust to that limit were the whole clan was being pretty much relocated to the outer parts of the city. There was no way of hiding the way of how the Senju thought about Uchiha. The second Hokage did this extreme move and made a civil war possible. He officially gave them work as "police" of the city, but at the end they were being observed 24 hours.

Not the clan members themselves saw what's going on, but it was too late and there number wasn't like it used to be. Still they planed a coupe against the Senju heads of the city and that way to gain some power after so long time of having no rights at all. Their plan didn't work out , since they had a spy from their own clan infiltrating them. No one was expecting that one of there own would back stab them in such a way. It was ordered from the village elders to annihilate the whole Uchiha clan and that by the hands of their own member. What a sick thing to ask a man and what more of a sick thing to do that. War traumas back and forth, you just don't betray your blood. It's the worst thing to do in an already immoral world like the Naruto Hentai ninja world was.

Some will think different in the certain matter, but only because they just hate Uchiha from their bones and a objective expression is impossible. Still, this is a free world so everyone is allowed to have their opinion no matter how simple it might be. There is one last member of the Uchia alive (or to be more accurate with Obito it's two) and maybe he will revive his clan, but that's another story of this very well written manga.called Naruto Hentai.